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The project development activity lasts from the start of the optimal site of the power plant until all permits and licences required for construction have been obtained. Our company has its own development and design team in the Hungarian market, where more than 80 power plants have been successfully developed in recent years.

EPC Services include engineering services, procurement and construction. Everything from the early stages of technical, legal, financial advisory works, through planning, all the way to commissioning can be performed by our team of highly specialized colleauges and subcontractors. By effectively combining everyone focusing on their field of expertise we can guarantee that the solar power plant is up an running in the shortest possible time.


Our company undertakes piling works with the help of our machine park operating on the basis of GPS coordinates. We work with GAYK HRE 3000 crawler machines, which make it easy to move in all areas, with an impact head that can be easily replaced and adapted to any type of structure. Our equipment allows us to pre-drill before piling if the composition of the soil structure so requires.

Our company performs the operation and maintenance with the help of a self-developed software, with a troubleshooting team available in 0-24 hours. The operating life of a solar power plant is 25-30 years, so it is important that the maintenance and operation protocol covers all system components at appropriate intervals so the components can be operated for as long as possible with highperformance during the useful life of the production unit.


Our company specializes primarily in the construction of solar power plants, but the necessary machinery allows it to undertake earthworks in the case of other construction as well (landscaping, trenching, landscaping).

Our company with Ewiser, one of Hungary's leading balancing and forecasting service providers, operates Ewiser Energy Trade Kft., which is an energy trading company specializing in purchasing electricity from renewable power plants and the sale of the received energy through the stock exchange. In addition to energy trading, the Company operates a balancing centre (also known as Virtual Power Plant) with a validated capacity of more than 100 MW.

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Our company develops power plants which are able to produce and balance the production and therefore it provides a system-level service to the Transmission System Operator (TSO). It provides these services mostly through lithium-ion batteries and regulation of renewable power plants.

The energy transition between 2020 and 2050 to carbon-neutral energy production cannot be realized without green hydrogen. The primary condition of green hydrogen production is that the electricity used for the hydrogen production is secured by renewable sources with strong availability, therefore our company develops hydrogen production projects primarily in places where the number of sunshine hours is high during the year and the wind speed is stable.





Electron Holding Zrt. is an integrated energy company, whose activities range from project development, planning, construction, operation to energy production and trade. The Company's portfolio consists mainly of photovoltaic solar power plants in Hungary, but develops battery-operated control centers (also known as Virtual Power Plant) and wind turbines in the Eastern European region. The Company aims to be one of the leading integrated renewable energy companies in the CEE region over the next decade.


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Our company also undertakes operation & maintenance works by which we can ensure your solar power plant will be running as efficiently as possible.